As you know, not all eateries are created equal. Sometimes, the fast food place around the corner just won’t do. You’re looking for more of an experience. We dine out for the social connection, the atmosphere, cuisine, the staff on hand, affordability, and the experience.

Let’s look closer at things people look for when choosing a restaurant.



Food is the number one reason why people frequent a particular restaurant. They will even put up with lousy wait staff or a long line just because the food is delectable.


Many people look for that one place where the staff goes above and beyond to make sure your dining experience with them is the best you’ve ever received.


The atmosphere sets the stage for what we can expect from a restaurant. If the tables are rickety, the music’s too loud, or the lighting isn’t right, you may get turned off about eating somewhere. The décor, the temperature, the vibe – these are all things we may think about when we consider the atmosphere.


The value we get from our dining experience also plays a role. If it’s too expensive, we may feel ripped off. The price has to be right or all of the above-mentioned things don’t even matter.


Between the value, atmosphere, staff, and cuisine, that’s how you choose your go-to restaurant.

By Leslie Radford