Key Points

Every culture has its own comfort food. In Vietnam, it happens to be a delicious bowl of pho.

Pho 95 prides itself in being one of the best pho places in North Texas. Pho is a bowl that consists of rice noodles and any meat/veggie broth that will make your mouth water.

Not only is pho delicious, but it also has plenty of health benefits, including boosting your joint health, reducing inflammation, and improving your immunity.  That all comes from the savory bone broth and mixture of herbs and spices. 


Cozy Comfort

Comfort food provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any with high sugar or other carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking. While pho is low in carbs and sugar, pho can still be considered a comfort food. 

Every culture has its own comfort food. Canadians have their potato dishes, India has masala dosa, America has chicken and dumplings, Mexico has tacos and Vietnam has pho. If you grew up in Asia, you can remember that your mother whipped together a bowl of pho that nursed you back to health after being sick. If you grew up in America, it could symbolize a special treat the whole family partook in after an achievement. 

Pho can easily find a place in your list of comfort foods because of how it warms your belly and puts a smile on your face. It is the perfect solution to a night in when you need something to warm your soul. 


Is Pho Nutritious?

deconstructed ingredients of pho

People are often confused about whether pho can be nutritious despite its delicious flavor. We tend to believe a dish is incapable of combining nutrition with taste. If a dish is healthy it can’t be delicious and vice versa. That idea doesn’t hold true with pho. 

Here are 3 reasons why pho is good for your soul and your body:


Where Can You Find Comfort Pho in North Texas?

Pho 95 is without a doubt the place to be if you want to get your hands on the best possible comfort food from Vietnam. We offer a variety of options to choose from and are a delight for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

We offer authentic Vietnamese food. Pho is just one of the many special items on our menu. With two locations in Mansfield, TX, and Arlington, TX, you’ll always have a place to enjoy pho.


By Leslie Radford