What is Pho and What Does it Taste Like?

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup. It’s made with a bone broth, noodles, particular vegetables, and herbs, and usually contains meat. It is a dish that is loved worldwide for its unique flavor and nutritional value.

Have a Bowl of Pho-Pho-Fun!

Have a Bowl of Pho-Pho-Fun!

Have a Bowl of Pho-Pho-Fun! By Leslie Radford Vietnam’s most famous dish, pho (pronounced “fuh”), is gaining popularity amongst Americans. You can find it in most Asian restaurants around the country. There are even eateries that exclusively offer this delicious soup dish. It’s a fun dish with endless possibilities. Flavor Experience Because of its inexpensive […]

Vietnamese food the healthiest cuisine?

Vietnamese food might be the healthiest cuisine in the world with its fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, and meats. All of the cuisine contains a brilliant balance of aromatics, spiciness, sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness.  As with other Asian cuisines, the principle of yin and yang (light and dark, soft and crunchy, etc.) is applied in composing a meal […]